Who Are the Real Fakers of Fake News?

          According to Chris Cillizza, the CNN Editor-at-large, in looking at the Washington’s Post Fact Checker, President Donald Trump has lied well over 3,000 times since he has been in office and the number grows daily. Each and every time he claims some news report is “Fake News,” it turns out that the only faker around is him. Unfortunately, his blind followers, some of whom are racists, just follow along to drink the poison juice. Many of those that are Trump supporters are racist and fascist which is the sludge group that now feels emboldened. Trump has made many racist comments and has shown his racism in policy decisions by choosing cabinet members that are racially oriented or Uncle Toms that don’t have a lick of sense, but many honestly believe Trump’s baloney and that is the sad part. It is sad that human beings are often so gullible that they will blindly follow anyone with a sweet tongue or who has financial success.


We now have a whole new generation of people that follow the real fakers and Trump as if he were some sort of messiah or visionary. We have already been the victims of belief systems that are racialized and sanitized versions of political thought. Fact checkers that are watching this president closely have noticed that he is playing the white supremacist card to the hilt. What the racists are afraid of is the fact that across this country white racist history is being challenged as “Fake History.” According to the CNN News report Trump averages almost 7 lies every single day, and millions are being suckered punched by this president.  


We should not become numb to his lies even though we expect very little from this president in terms of the truth. Turning off the news because you’re sick of him is not productive since his blind followers believe every word of his maze of fabrication. According to the New York Times which Trump hates because they bust his ass every time he lies, many examples exist. Examples from the New York Times lie list includes: Trump claim that illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote (no evidence), Trump claimed the New York Times apologized for its “Fake News” (that never happened), Trump claimed that we have a trade deficit with Canada earlier this year when in fact it was a trade surplus, Trump said it was fake news that he groped women but has admitted he has done it. The list is very long and shameful. 


For those that want to reach beyond the Trump propaganda machine of scattered and misleading “facts” we need to expose him at every turn. Millions of people are doing that on social media and across the nation many have awakened to his bombast that creates violence and erodes democracy. This is why people are being threatened with violence across the country because these racists feel that they have a friend in the White House.  I make no claims to universal truth, but I understand the mechanisms of constant lies that were used before in Nazi Germany. The Hitler machine lied about everything and in doing so created a mob of dummies that repeated his lies until they murdered innocent people but were eventually crushed for being on the wrong side of history. History has an interesting power. A dictator can roll back some progress but it always ends the same way with that movement and its dictator being crushed by the progress of history.


The New York Times had it right in an article by David Leonhardt and Stuart Thompson when they said. “President Trump’s political rise was built on a lie (about Barack Obama's birthplace). His lack of truthfulness has also become central to the Russia investigation, with James Comey, the former director of the F.B.I., testifying under oath about Trump's “lies, plain and simple.”’ The public is growing more and more distrustful of Trump and may show up in the November elections. With Trump in office we are bound to see more domestic racial violence by neo-Nazis and others right wing political nuts that think they are above the law. These lunatics have used the phrase “Snowflakes” to describe honest liberals and many of them think that all of the opposition to Trump is “wimpy.” They are in for a big surprise as millions of people are not afraid to stand up to this crisis created by a loony president. After hearing a conservative called one Vietnam veteran a “snowflake” he responded that, “It was those millions of snowflakes on the ground (cold weather) in Russia that stopped the Nazis in their tracks. Never underestimate a “snowflake, and you better watch out what you repeat like a parrot” he went on to say.  It is certain that all of the fake news is coming from this fake president. We won’t be fooled by it and history will put this president in his proper place—in the worst category of all time.

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05 Jul 2018

By Mario Salas